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Here at Byba, we work closely with our clients throughout the entire development phase.

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“Our production plant: State of the art facility” – R&D Pilot Plant

Our R&D department works directly with our clients to develop optimal solutions that meet the demands of the market and the cultural tastes of each country.

Pilot plant

ALNUT’s facilities include a pilot plant equipped with semi industrial machinery to allow for replicating all the processes which take place within the plant. This means that samples can be obtained quickly and shelf life studies can begin at the earliest phases of development. This also allows for simplicity in scaling up and in turn allowing for the speedy industrialisation of innovations.

The pilot plant is likewise equipped with a 60kg cooking chamber for pressure and vacuum cooking, blending and mixing. This cooking system is connected to a homogeniser for working with dairy products and to a colloid mill to allow for achieving different textures.

The facilities are equipped with a jarring machine which allows for working in the industrial format and with the same materials, such as containers, lids and film, as those used in the plant, in addition to pilot pouch filling systems.

As for heat treatments, the plant is equipped with an industrial water shower autoclave, with a capacity of one cartload.


ALNUT’s laboratory is equipped with the most modern equipment for the quality control of all our products.

There is equipment for carrying out inspections to check that the product has the proper organoleptic characteristics to ensure that each jar of our product always tastes as good as the next. In this area of analysis we control for parameters such as pH, ºBrix, consistency, viscosity, colour and acidity.

To guarantee the nutritional value of our products we make use of Near Infrared (NIR) equipment which allows us to perform a qualitative assessment of the macro- and micro-nutrients contained in each product. This allows us to ensure that sugar, protein, fat and vitamin content remains constant throughout the entire production process and that the values outlined by our R&D experts are met.

The laboratory is also equipped with the technical resources to guarantee that products are free of allergens if so required. In addition, we have equipment for evaluating the microbiological stability of our products, allowing us to serve all of our batches upon positive release.

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Sizes and formats

We offer a wide variety of containers and packaging, with a range of sizes providing the correct portions in each development stage and for each mealtime.


Ideal for eating at home or “on the go”.
  • Free of bisphenol A.
  • Light and risk-free handling.
  • Microwaveable.
  • Wide mouth and comfortable curved base.
  • 4 formats.


Flexible packaging ideal for eating “on the go”.
  • Light and secure.
  • Multi-layers that protect the product from air and light, allowing room-temperature storage.
  • Consumption straight from the container.
  • Security top for babies.

Design and presentation

Working in collaboration with our clients, we provide designs that fit their specific brand and market requirements..

Our tubs and pouches offer ample space to print your own custom-made brand design.