Measuring 24,000 m2 , our facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology enabling us to guarantee maximum quality and food safety for our products.

2TREATMENTS: Sterilisation and Pasteurisation

Our products undergo several different heat treatments depending on the type of product and storage requirements. Pouches pass through a pasteurisation tunnel and jars are transported using Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to one of the plant’s four rotating autoclaves. Once this process is complete, the AGVs take the jars to the palletisation area. These vehicles work independently and can transport one cartload every five minutes, moving a total of 4,800 kg every day.


Main equipment. Food technology:

  • 1 Tetra-Almix equipment
  • Reactor with capacity to process 3,000 litres per load
  • 3 food processing reactors
  • Homogenizer
  • Heat treatment lines (pasteurization tunnel) for pouches
  • Autoclaves for pasteurization and sterilization processes

Main equipment. Food quality and safety:

  • Machine vision systems
  • X-rays
  • Sealing check and leak detection
  • Weight control

Own Quality Control Lab:

Our lab features the most modern technology to control our products quality: equipment to detect if the product organoleptic qualities are correct, so that jars are always the best in taste. We control parameters like pH, ºBrix, consistency, viscosity, colour and acidity. To ensure the nutritional value, we have a near infrared equipment (NIE) to perform a quantitative measure of characteristic micro and macronutrients on each product. We count on technical resources to ensure allergen absence if that is required for the product. We also count on equipment to evaluate microbiological stability, which allow us to serve all lots after positive release.